The CharacterMart exhibition took place at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh in December 2015. This exhibition featured the work of 11 artists or illustrators all creating work around the theme of character design. ‘KeepAskingQuestions’ is a series of prints Gutless Wonder exhibited accompanied by an eight page zine.

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Gutless Wonder’s ‘SoulFace’ and ‘Memory’ art works travelled to Bern in Switzerland where they were exhibited as part of the Memory exhibition at the PROGR_Zentrum for Kulturproduktion from October 22nd -27th 2015.

Further Information on ‘SoulFace’ and ‘Memory’ here.

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Photos of the exhibition by Goldmaki.


‘Soulface’ is a body of work created by Gutless Wonder for The Eggplant Collective Memory Exhibition. This took place in the Memory Café in Berlin from 29th April – 3rd May 2015. It featured character artworks from around the world created members of the collective.

More information on the ‘Soulface’ artwork here.

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Exhibition photos by Verena Nunn.


The Pictoplasma Academy show took place from April-May 2014. The exhibition was held at Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin as part of the Pictoplasma Conference. The Exhibition focused on character design and was produced by a group of 38 artist from around the world.